One of my questions is: what exactly convinced Equiano that these white men were superior to his people, instead of just different? I no longer looked upon them as spirits, but as men superior to us; and therefore I had the stronger desire to resemble them; to imbibe their spirit, and imitate their manners; I… Read more Hierarchy

1-4 reflections

This was an intresting look not only into the mind and lifestyle of a slave, but a rare look at slavery from the POV of a slave in that time in general. I found it intresting how well spooken and well read Vassa, as he was refered to at times, was. He had a well… Read more 1-4 reflections

Equiano 1-4

Question 1: Why did Equiano choose to discribe his home in such detail? This question stuck in my head simply because of how many possible answers there are. Was Equiano’s home described so he could remember the life he loved? Was it meant to prove to white people that he and his own people were… Read more Equiano 1-4

Equiano 1-4

While I was reading Equiano, I noticed how truthful the author/narrator is. He would tell us, the audience, the truth of what happened even if it made himself look bad. For example, when Equiano is helping the elderly woman take care of the chicken… Equiano accidentally kills a chicken by throwing a pebble at it,… Read more Equiano 1-4