The Vietnam War

Reading Kevin Nguyen’s piece on Ken Burns’s The Vietnam War got me thinking about so much, namely the jingoistic attitude of many Americans… and also this picture, which I conveniently saw this morning. A lot of Americans have always thought of our country as heroic and infallible, but many of the wars we’ve fought suggest… Read more The Vietnam War

An 18 hour documentary

For this week I want to talk about “This Fucked me up: Ken Burns’s The Vietnam War“, by Kevin Nguyen. I know this isn’t the required text of the week, but it was recommended and I really enjoyed the article. Kevin talks about how mostly/all war movies are from the point of view of Americans,… Read more An 18 hour documentary

Weekly reflection

For this week’s weekly reflection, I decided to reflect on my second major project that I turned in this past week. For my second project, I created an interactive game where players can create their own ending based on Kalidasa’s Shakuntala. I at first had some difficulties getting the website I used to create the… Read more Weekly reflection


I have read several Punisher and Nick Fury comics, as well as seen the classic Vietnam was bad movies. First off I think it is interesting to note that the comics I read, the Fury ones in particular, did show the other side of Vietnam, and how they operated. They didn’t go too into it,… Read more Vietnam


Shakuntala was interesting because it was basically just an Indian Fairy tale. It has kings, wizards, of a kind, references to higher magic, the classic hero’s journey, and a surprisingly happy ending. It was honestly nice to have a happy ending, the king was reunited with Shakuntala and met his son. It got me thinking… Read more Shakuntala

Joy Harjo

Joy Harjo seems to have a cynical love of America and freedom in general. I read Ah Ah, An American Sunrise, and Turning 70. Loved Ah Ah, the crow metaphors really hit home. American Sunrise I liked as well because that is where the cynical things come into play. ¨We are still America. We know… Read more Joy Harjo

Ted Talk

It was disturbing and frankley eye opening to see these names and crimes hidden about Black women. I had no idea it was such a rampant problem, and honestly it’s even more relevant now because of the Brianna Taylor fiasco. It is almost like the media favors tragedies that are more trendy and well sell… Read more Ted Talk