Class Reflection

I really enjoyed this course. I loved the reading material throughout the year. I think we all did a really great job considering the circumstances. I really enjoyed the student interaction and the feedback that I received on each and every assignment that had comments under it. The in-class discussions were enthralling, all while keeping… Read more Class Reflection

Shakuntala Question

From what I took away from this play is the idea of the hero’s journey. I believe that this is a perfect example of what we as the readers should expect from the hero’s journey when reading a story. I wanted to ask what others thought about it. Is there ways that this format can… Read more Shakuntala Question

Reflection of Project 3

I really hope this project was as clear and to the point that I wanted it to be. I think there is something to be said about storytelling over time. How culture and world events might have influenced the direction of storytelling. I’d love to hear what others think about it. Does the tie ins… Read more Reflection of Project 3

King Dusyanta-> John Smith-> Aragorn

This project will consist of three “film reviews” from Shakuntala, Pocahontas, and Lord of the Rings. I believe that their “heroic” characters and their respective conflicts draw similar conclusions. I am setting out to show a pattern in characters perspective storytelling over time. It should start as origin, to “original”, then to the final rendition.… Read more King Dusyanta-> John Smith-> Aragorn

Some wrap up thoughts

I did have some struggles with choosing to take this class asynchronously, but being able to write my posts whenever, and having time to make up that work definitely helped. This will be my last weekly post of this class and I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the books and stories and… Read more Some wrap up thoughts

Dew Breaker Question

Is it ok for Papa to lie, or at least not be as forthcoming about his past in “Dew Breaker”? I kind of highlighted this moral and ethical question in my last project. Papa is faced with a road to cross that leaves him in what he sees as a lose, lose scenario. He could… Read more Dew Breaker Question