When I started reading Soyinka’s play, I had a few questions in my head. I felt that the play was suggesting something along the lines that anything that did not accord with a white guy was not acceptable during colonial times. So, do you believe some people sacrificing themselves is a good idea? Is it… Read more Question

Part Time Ethical Actors

Soyinka’s Death and the Kings Horseman depicts the tragic consequences of cultural ignorance and moral selectiveness. As a District officer by the name of Simon Pilkings, who is leading an occupying force in what is now Nigeria, decides to cause suffering in the name of ethics. Pilkings, upon learning about a ritual of great significance… Read more Part Time Ethical Actors

Week 4: “On Virality, Corona, or Otherwise”

“In the ensuing days, replies to the tweet ranged from delight to schadenfreude to outrage to straight up hoping I would contract coronavirus.” -Travis Chi Wing Lau I found this quote to be particularly compelling because it shows the polarization of Covid-19 in a format that was intended for fun and light communication and humor.… Read more Week 4: “On Virality, Corona, or Otherwise”

Soyinka Act 5 reflection

Out of the 5 acts of “Death and the King’s horseman,” I think Act 5 was the most dramatic.  A couple of things that stuck out to me were the fact that Elesin was in a cell in the beginning, Jane thought that there might have been a riot, the confrontation between Elesin and Iyaloja, and the fact that Iyaloja thought that Elesin was no longer the man he once was.… Read more Soyinka Act 5 reflection