Some wrap up thoughts

I did have some struggles with choosing to take this class asynchronously, but being able to write my posts whenever, and having time to make up that work definitely helped. This will be my last weekly post of this class and I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the books and stories and… Read more Some wrap up thoughts

The Overly Used Topic

I know a lot of other people already talked about Romeo and Juliet, along with the disturbing star crossed lovers that only have suicide has their choice, but I want to talk about it again. What is matter with people and this trope, why are people so fascinated by this ending, how can someone say… Read more The Overly Used Topic

An 18 hour documentary

For this week I want to talk about “This Fucked me up: Ken Burns’s The Vietnam War“, by Kevin Nguyen. I know this isn’t the required text of the week, but it was recommended and I really enjoyed the article. Kevin talks about how mostly/all war movies are from the point of view of Americans,… Read more An 18 hour documentary

Danticat Reflection

Though I haven’t been to many of the synchronous classes, after reading other peoples questions and reflections I just want to say WOW. Everyone has really put some thoughtful questions out that had me thinking for a while about what I read. Two questions stuck out to me most and they were “what makes someone… Read more Danticat Reflection

Let’s Talk Danticat

I want to start by saying that I am thoroughly enjoying this book so far, it is written creatively and it’s really drawing my attention in. First, I want to bring up the approach that Danticat took in her writing. At first I was slightly confused because I didn’t realize that she was going back… Read more Let’s Talk Danticat