Favorite Project

My favorite project that I did this year was the project I did about the Bunraku puppet shows of Japan. Bunraku is the traditional puppet theater of Japan and It’s an art in which half-life-size dolls act out a chanted dramatic narrative, called Jōruri, to the three-stringed Japanese lute. When I saw that I was… Read more Favorite Project

Soyinka 2

Scene two opens with Simon Pilkings dancing with his wife Jane. We are introduced to them through the window, wearing some sort of fancy dress wear. It is obvious that they are being watched and we quickly find out that a Native Administration policeman, Amusa, is the one watching. He makes himself known when he… Read more Soyinka 2

Soyinka 1

Within the first few seconds of reading this play we are introduced to Elesin Oba through his interactions with the Praise Singer and Iyaloja. The first few dialogue pieces are mostly just conversations between Elesin and the Praise Singer discussing Elesin’s character and the community in which they are talking. We learn right away who… Read more Soyinka 1