Live, Love, Die

Reading what everyone else had to say about romance suicide got me thinking more about the genre as a whole and how important it is. I know suicide is really off putting for most people but to me, death is an important part of life and suicide is a really interesting subsection of it. Suicide… Read more Live, Love, Die

Becoming Human

I want to start out my story by saying that I’ve written this so many times in so many different ways but I want this to just be totally honest. As such this is a true story told from my own perspective and it contains some adult themes and language and I’m sorry if that… Read more Becoming Human

Shakuntala First acts

What really resonates with me right away is the kindness of the king. The play opens with an action scene and the king riding on a hunt, ready to kill. That already surprised me as I don’t expect a king to be taking part in the adventurous parts of life like Merida from Brave. But… Read more Shakuntala First acts

project 1

I hope the audio quality isn’t too bad. I wanted to record it in the radio station for noise cancellation but I couldn’t get in there for a while so I had to record in my dorm. I’m also not used to ballad style singing so it’s really not great, please don’t judge me too… Read more project 1


The English colonials and the expansion of the empire that they led didn’t care about local culture, not in India, China, Africa or anywhere for that matter. They wanted what they wanted and anything else was unneeded and irrelevant. America is guilty of this too I think, in the modern day. We care about diversity… Read more Eurocentrism