Act 3

Well, somber ending. I looked up the author, and the play of course. It was originally made for puppet theater. Explain some things, I will say that. I am glad a live action, Kabuki style play of it was made after the puppet version, because my god I can not take puppets killing themselves out… Read more Act 3

Acts 1-2

I love Japanese, well culture in general honestly. The media, the customs, it’s all great. That said, this is the first sort of play, novel type thing I have read of Japanese origin. Like it so far, samurai stories of any kind are pretty good. That said O-San´s dad seems like kinda a dick, thinking… Read more Acts 1-2

Project 2

REFLECTION For this second project, originally I wanted to do another story about the topic. Instead of Slavery, I wanted to foucs on the mythology of Indian culture. With this in mind, at first I wanted to focus on the Cryptids of India. Crytids, as explained in the video essay, are creatures and animals that… Read more Project 2


I have read several Punisher and Nick Fury comics, as well as seen the classic Vietnam was bad movies. First off I think it is interesting to note that the comics I read, the Fury ones in particular, did show the other side of Vietnam, and how they operated. They didn’t go too into it,… Read more Vietnam


Shakuntala was interesting because it was basically just an Indian Fairy tale. It has kings, wizards, of a kind, references to higher magic, the classic hero’s journey, and a surprisingly happy ending. It was honestly nice to have a happy ending, the king was reunited with Shakuntala and met his son. It got me thinking… Read more Shakuntala

Joy Harjo

Joy Harjo seems to have a cynical love of America and freedom in general. I read Ah Ah, An American Sunrise, and Turning 70. Loved Ah Ah, the crow metaphors really hit home. American Sunrise I liked as well because that is where the cynical things come into play. ¨We are still America. We know… Read more Joy Harjo

Ted Talk

It was disturbing and frankley eye opening to see these names and crimes hidden about Black women. I had no idea it was such a rampant problem, and honestly it’s even more relevant now because of the Brianna Taylor fiasco. It is almost like the media favors tragedies that are more trendy and well sell… Read more Ted Talk