My favorite project that I did this semester was definitely the first one. I did an unessay, and I’ve never actually done something creative like that (although mine wasn’t really insanely creative— it was kinda just a short creative writing piece with an essay attached). I wrote “olunde’s missing letter” to elesin, and basically argued… Read more reflection


My favorite project that someone else completed this semester was Erik Dow’s “My home made Japanese Noh-mask”. In the post, Erik talks about how theatre is something that they really like, but most of their experience with theatre is from a western perspective. Throughout the semester, I think the whole notion of challenging the western… Read more reflection

Unessay 2

From a postmodern perspective, the simple label of something being a “tragedy” seems to require further investigation. As we’ve pointed out in class, the definition, when investigated and pushed, doesn’t hold in all situations. While this isn’t necessarily a brand new observation, this is an observation with a fairly extensive history: theories of tragedy span… Read more Unessay 2

question 4.21

The reading, Breasts and Eggs, was interesting because I think it was getting at how different cultural perceptions of beauty impact the beauty standard. In effect, the conclusion of the post essentially comes full circle (after Makiko spends some time passively judging other women) and highlights the fact that there isn’t a standard that we… Read more question 4.21

question 4.19

I know this doesn’t really have much to do with content, but I thought the use of the narrator was really interesting and honestly pretty cool. Instead of giving stage directions, or bracketing off what happens like most Western plays do, the narrator tells us what happens when/as it’s happening. I think this is a… Read more question 4.19