Project #3

Makensie Roderick Project # 3 Professor Nicholas Helms 11/28/2020 Representation of Ghost of the Past– Unessay Representation of the theme Ghost of the Past is obvious to us readers in Edwidge Danticat’s, The Dew Breaker. The Dew Breaker is a collection of nine separate but interconnected stories. The first entry, The Book of Ka, is… Read more Project #3

Weekly post!

For this week’s last blog post and or reflections I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of my fellow peers comment and talk about love at first and whether it’s real or not. In the play, love is a key theme throughout the play. Koharu and Jihei fall in love but because of their socially… Read more Weekly post!

Week 11 reflection

The poet was born in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, in 1925. His mother Teu (nee Bosini) was a descendant of the Tongarevan ariki or high chief Paroa. His father Jock Campbell was a successful island trader from Otago, New Zealand, who emigrated to the islands in 1919 after his service in the Gallipoli campaign. The poet… Read more Week 11 reflection

Weekly reflection

For this week’s weekly reflection, I decided to reflect on my second major project that I turned in this past week. For my second project, I created an interactive game where players can create their own ending based on Kalidasa’s Shakuntala. I at first had some difficulties getting the website I used to create the… Read more Weekly reflection

Project #2 For my second project of the semester, I knew I wanted to do something with the story of Shakuntala. I considered doing something like my last unessay but after meeting with professor helms I decided to take an alternative route. We had talked about me creating a possible text quest following the storyline of… Read more Project #2

Weekly Reflection

Although I was only able to contribute to one of this week’s past synchronous sessions I feel as if I’m still prepared to write a reflection on what we read and say my thoughts without being able to speak about it as a whole with the class. To get a more in-depth idea for what… Read more Weekly Reflection