The Ending – Redone

Koharu sits in her room looking around at all the things that are hers but seem like a stranger’s belongings. The sun has just begun to say that there is a pink and orange fade across the sky. She looks up at it longingly hoping for someone to take her away. There is suddenly a knock on… Read more The Ending – Redone

Reflection Project 1

Now I know that this project is a long time coming and I am sure you guys have been asking yourself “where is Monique’s first major project?” Well here you are ladies and gentleman I present my first project. Projects as a whole can feel daunting and that has never been more apparent to me… Read more Reflection Project 1

Project 1 – Yeah I Know

This is a journal entry of Olaudah Equiano. Found many years after his death Hidden in his birth town of Eboe. Although the date is unclear, we can assume given his autobiography that it was written sometime before he was captured for slavery.   Dear Journal,  My father says that I should start writing in in a journal because… Read more Project 1 – Yeah I Know


Do you think that Koharu wanted to be in the love suicide? I wrote in my reflection that I am not entirely convinced that she was all in on the love suicide. There are little things that she does that make me think that. Things like her final words and she wanted to keep walking… Read more Why?

So Many Questions…

What is the driving theme or themes in this play? I personally felt like there were so many lessons that are trying to be taught through this play. Lessons about things like adultery, honor, greed, and a multitude of other things, but I am interested to know what other people thing the main theme is… Read more So Many Questions…

Kalidasa Questions

How do cultural gender norms and parenthood fight with each other throughout The Recognition of Sakuntala? For most of this play Sakuntala is protesting the King and the feelings she says she has for him. People in her life, like her friends and father keep pushing her towards him and it makes me wonder if… Read more Kalidasa Questions