Class reflection

Throughout this class, I was constantly thinking to myself, ‘what are we going to read next? What sort of experiences are we going to hear about now?’ A lot of this came from the fact that this was a global class; I’ve taken 3 classes on works from a specific country, so this was a… Read more Class reflection

3rd project – Essay

Shakuntala’s connection to nature               Throughout the tale of Shakuntala, we, the readers, are able to see the love that blossoms between Shakuntala and the King Dusyanta. We are also able to see the abundance of nature throughout the play. However, these things are not mutually exclusive, or disconnected. We see love and nature intertwined… Read more 3rd project – Essay

Stop being so confusing, Jane, I’m trying to figure you out!

As I read through the play Death and the King’s Horseman, I found myself really interested in Jane’s character. After reading the first two scenes, I thought that maybe she would play some bigger, more important role. But in her next scene, the 4th scene, she seemed to have a bit of a personality shift.… Read more Stop being so confusing, Jane, I’m trying to figure you out!

Soyinka Act 5 questions

Was Pilking’s aversion to Elesin’s death genuinely “good”? I’m not sure whether Pilkings tries to prevent Elesin’s death simply because he doesn’t want a death under his ‘rule’, or because he finds the ritual disgusting, or because he just doesn’t want an honorable man to die. So is his attempt at preventing death due to… Read more Soyinka Act 5 questions