Looking back at this semester, several posts, reflections,and responses have been made regarding what we have learned in class. Each and everyone post I have read or posted have been greatly beneficial for my intellectual learning whether written by myself or my classmates. However, my favorite was the first project we did. I chose to… Read more Reflection

Unessay 2

Content Notice: Sex Trafficking Sophia Rossicone  Currents in Global Literature  Professor Helms  3 May 2022  Unessay 2 Reflection  For my unessay I decided to write a diary entry. This diary entry is supposed to be written by a young 13- year-old girl who is living in Japan during the 1720s. In a way this stance… Read more Unessay 2

Chikamatsu 4/26

“As mistress of this tea-house, Koharu Sama, I must ask you to do your best to entertain your guest. Come, take a cup and make merry with the gentleman. Now, be good, Koharu Sama.” This quote stood out to me. “Be good” almost sounds derogatory, like talking to a dog. Additionally, the terminology used displays… Read more Chikamatsu 4/26


“Good-natured woman I may be, mother,” she said, “but that’s no reason why I should side with my husband ransoming a tea-house woman. It’s the real truth he is speaking; of that I feel sure.” This line stood out to me instantly as I read this. This shows a theme between gender roles, kindness, morals,… Read more Chikamatsu

April 14th

Although English and Eurpoean poets were popular, some groups weren’t represented. Alistair Te Ariki Campbell was undermined by the poetry community. He was one of the only Polynesian representatives in poetry at the time of his height in poetry. He is so important because he widened the horizon and made room for other poets to… Read more April 14th

April 14 Nguyen Du

“Flowers grudged her fresh and willows craved her green. Her glances would make a king bequeath his throne, Her talent, like her beauty, was second to none. Endowed with an inherent intelligence” Contributing to last week’s post, these lines also play Ito description very well. The lady is described With immense beauty and talent. This… Read more April 14 Nguyen Du