Chikamatsu Reflection

I posted some questions about how Bunraku theater works and how the puppets tell such a complex story so to reflect I wanted to do some research on it. Bunraku theater actually rose to its highest peak during the 18th century with Chikamatsu plays. For Bunraku theater the puppet masters actually stand on stage operating… Read more Chikamatsu Reflection

Favorite Project

One of my favorite projects someone else did this semester was Erik’s Noh-Mask. I really enjoyed his take on the unessay assignment. While reading Chikamatsu this semester, like Erik, I was intrigued by Japanese theater and interested to learn more about how it is performed compared to the theater I am familiar with. I also… Read more Favorite Project

Unessay 2

For my second Unessay project I created a book cover for Teresa Mei Chuc’s Invisible Light. I wanted to do something a little more artistic than writing a typical paper. The poems we read of Teresa’s were some of my personal favorite writings we read and I specifically wanted to focus on her poem “Agent… Read more Unessay 2