Death and The Kings Horseman: A Shot At Colonial Insensitivities.

Owen Congdon-Moore Currents in Global Literature Professor Nicholas Helms October 2, 2021 Essay 1                         Death and The Kings Horsemen: A Tale of Colonial Cluelessness             Soyinka’s narrative within the play of Death and The Kings Horsemen is at all points a tragic look into colonial interference of tribal culture and social health. Elesins role… Read more Death and The Kings Horseman: A Shot At Colonial Insensitivities.

First Project Fall 2021

Samantha Parker 09/30/2021 First Project Fall 2021 EN 3515 Christianity as an Oppressive Force Furthering Along Imperialism The idea of one going into one’s homeland and taking over it completely is known as imperialism. In doing this, specifically talking about the British, they focus on completely ridding the natives of their culture, language, and religion… Read more First Project Fall 2021

The Argument Equiano Wants to Make

Olaudah Equiano’s autobiography, The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, Or Gustavus Vassa, The African, Written By Himself contains many appeals to cease and criminalize the practice of slavery, and although many of these appeals are logically sound materially and economically, Equiano’s personal opinion of the matter is centered within his religious and spiritual development which he hones into an effective religious argument through clever and tactful rhetoric. Although the majority of Equiano’s arguments are direct, plainly stated and contained within clearly separated… Read more The Argument Equiano Wants to Make

First Project Fall 2021

Complex simplicity By Logan Connelly “Cleared my throat and coughed in an elevator today and got my first ugly look from someone who clearly was afraid I had coronavirus. Because I’m petty, I decided to cough some more, and as they were leaving, I yelled “racism is more contagious.”             These two live in the… Read more First Project Fall 2021

Ode to Choi

Oliver Callahan Professor Helms Global Literature 10/1/21 Modern Apocalypses – Project 1 Transcript Before the apocalypse, there was the apocalypse of silence. Silence from those who are not persecuted. Not oppressed based on factors they cannot control or circumstances they were born into. Silence rooted in complacency and content. Before the apocalypse, there was a… Read more Ode to Choi

Christianity and Family Separation for African Americans in the 18th century

Did Christianity play a big role in the lives of African Americans in the 18th century and how were they affected by family separation?  This is a question that has been on the minds of many people when the learn African Americans become Christians and how being separated from their families and living in the… Read more Christianity and Family Separation for African Americans in the 18th century

Death and its Connotations

Elisabeth Thompson Professor Helms Global Literature 29 September 2021             Death and its various connotations has been a topic of much discussion throughout the texts we have thus far covered in class. Death and the King’s Horseman, a play written by Wole Soyinka, is an especially important example of this topic, though its coverage spanned… Read more Death and its Connotations

First Project

As the story of Death and the King’s Horsemen is told a man must commit ritual suicide and the play goes through how people try to stop it and inevitably fail but it never talks about what was going on in the minds of the men completing the ritual, which is what I am going… Read more First Project

Scene 4.5

Walking slowly along the unlit forestage, with a spotlight shining from above him, Olunde stares into the darkness around him; his head slightly tilted down toward the ground. His gaze blank with thought, jaw clenched and hands flexing. The sound of a steady drumming growing ever louder with each step. In the background, rises the… Read more Scene 4.5