When Taylor Swift Said “Fuck The Patriarchy” We Felt That: Essay #2

In a postmodern world of progression and change, there is a tendency to forget that the history of hierarchies of oppression still have a place and reverberate, including the impacts of the long-standing global patriarchy that has governed society for centuries. This patriarchy that has been reinforced by generations of misogyny continues to permeate the… Read more When Taylor Swift Said “Fuck The Patriarchy” We Felt That: Essay #2

project 1

haiku poems Criminal justice  Why are the good sent away? The system is bad Was wrongly accused  Was sent to jail with no proof No, this is not fair  The Dew Breaker says  Killed a priest got a face scar  Constant reminder  He should be held for All the lives he killed but no, Got away with all  Reflection  I chose to do 4 haiku… Read more project 1

Project 1

Variations of Fulfillment: Soyinka and Danticat on Manhood Bob Dylan wrote, “The man in me will do nearly any task, and as for compensation there’s a little he would ask, take a woman like you to get through to the man in me.”  Mick Jagger conversely wrote, “Some girls give me jewelry, others buy me… Read more Project 1

Project 1 (Revised)

The Dew Breaker by Edwidge Danitcat is a collection of stories, one of which is about the Bienaime family. The Bienaime parents immigrated to the United States from Haiti. Ka, their daughter, was born in Brooklyn and has never been to Haiti. Ka and her father are traveling to a famous Haitian-American actress who is… Read more Project 1 (Revised)

Plague Remedies – Colonialism: 1st Project 3/16

Blake Carpenter Dr. Helms March 16, 2022 The Royal Plague Doctor I travel in search of Plague’s knowledge, Impediments of poison flood home’s coast. Chaos is found among the serpent’s tune. An antidote sheathed by oblivion’s scales Bear no mind to venom’s spread, No construction of the ballad’s mark. The aethereal tie of Death’s promise… Read more Plague Remedies – Colonialism: 1st Project 3/16