Becoming Human

I want to start out my story by saying that I’ve written this so many times in so many different ways but I want this to just be totally honest. As such this is a true story told from my own perspective and it contains some adult themes and language and I’m sorry if that… Read more Becoming Human

Project #2 For my second project of the semester, I knew I wanted to do something with the story of Shakuntala. I considered doing something like my last unessay but after meeting with professor helms I decided to take an alternative route. We had talked about me creating a possible text quest following the storyline of… Read more Project #2

Duality in The Dewbreaker

When coming up with an idea for this unessay, I wanted to find something that obviously wasn’t an essay. Obviously essays are SO MUCH FUN to write, but sometimes an essay isn’t the best way to convey the message you want to. Eventually I realized, why not make a video? I’ve been wanting to make… Read more Duality in The Dewbreaker

New York Vs. Haiti: Themes in The Dew Breaker

link to image in google doc in case it is hard to read here: As I was reading through The Dew Breaker, I noticed that the living situation in Haiti and in New York was very different. The chapters that centered around life in Haiti showed a life where family and community were very… Read more New York Vs. Haiti: Themes in The Dew Breaker

Dew Breaker Family Tree

In The Dew Breaker, Edwidge Danticat constructed a tangled web of people, connected through a common heritage, a shared experience of immigration, and a the shadow of a dark past that looms over them all. This complex web is illustrated above. The different colored lines represent the nature of the relationships between people, whether they… Read more Dew Breaker Family Tree

Kinda Nervous

Andrew (sometimes Andy, but never Drew) looked into a mirror and adjusted a jean jacket. He liked how it filled out his shoulders, he liked the cut, he liked how it slimmed him out. He sucked in his gut and held a pose and bobbed his head with approval. Emma (Em to her friends) shifted… Read more Kinda Nervous

Project 2– “Contrast” In Literature And Photos

con·trast /ˈkänˌtrast/ the state of being strikingly different from something else in juxtaposition or close association. similar to: distinction, conflict with, be at variance with. symbol examples: life and death, light and dark, etc. The following is a collection of photos with the concept of “contrast” in mind. After reading our texts these past few… Read more Project 2– “Contrast” In Literature And Photos