Reflection on Harjo Poem

How to Write a Poem in a Time of War by Joy Harjo is a rather emotionally charged piece about the genocide and erasure of indigenous peoples and their cultures. The title itself implies she is trying to teach the reader (insert title). However, throughout the poem she prefaces memories with comments in italics saying,… Read more Reflection on Harjo Poem

Shakuntala first post

I thank Kristina coming into our zoom, and informing us about voting in New Hampshire. I think it is really important to vote, regardless of your opinions or views. It is important to have an understanding of what is going on around you, and I truly believe that your vote does count. Now onto… Read more Shakuntala first post

How Disabled Black Lives Have Been Overlooked

How does Black disability get erased or overlooked by the public and the media? There is an approximation that people with disabilities or that have encountered episodes of a mental illness are shot in substantial amounts each year. Studies show that this accounts for close to one-third of all police killings. The example I would like to… Read more How Disabled Black Lives Have Been Overlooked

Weekly Reflection- Equiano

Equiano’s life narrative combines several different genres, which was something that I found very interesting.  Those genres were; a captivity narrative, a spiritual autobiography, a travel memoir, an adventure story, and an abolitionist tract.  The early chapters of the narrative describe the healthy, cheerful lives of Africans that the Europeans ripped away.  There is a… Read more Weekly Reflection- Equiano