Adding a scene to Death And The King’s Horseman- Unessay

For my unessay I decided to write about Elesin, and the thoughts he is having before he must transition into the “great beyond.” Throughout this entire play, us, the audience never get to see any characters alone. We never get to learn about the thoughts that the characters are truly having, and ofcourse I focused on Elesin because this whole play revolves around him having to take his own life. I feel like learning about the thoughts a character could be having is very important, and I feel like this assignment overall gave me a better understanding of what he may have been thinking. I feel like it just makes the characters seem much more relatable, especially if any of us were under this kind of pressure. Throughout this scene I discussed many important things, such as: Elesin thinking about his son Olunde, what his transition will be like, how he feels pressured by society, and if he really wants to sacrifice himself. We never truly learn about his thoughts, and how he may have been feeling, so I made that my job while creating this new scene.

Death and the King's Horseman - Variety

A New Scene:

Elesin sits all alone…

“I know the king has just died, and I guess it’s my turn to follow him to the great beyond.”

Elesin thinks to himself as he is hunched over, using his right hand to pull on his left ring finger.

“I wish I didn’t have to do this, but this is what makes the world go round right?”

Elesin questions himself aloud all alone knowing that there is no one around him to respond.

 “I feel as if my life is meaningless, like everything I have done has no reason. Well, besides having to take my own life after the passing of the king. This is the norm… Shall I go against it, or should I follow it? What will happen if I don’t?”

These are the questions that passed through Elesin’s mind as he sat all alone with himself, and his own thoughts. Soon he began to think about something else…

“What about Olunde? I would love to see him before my time comes, but he is at medical school. I wonder what he would say or do if he knows about the passing of the king. He would know that my time is coming, and that I must go to the great beyond. Would he try to stop me, or would he say his goodbyes and let me go?”

Elesin thinks to himself scratching the top of his head with a tear in his eye.

“If only I knew where he was and what he was thinking… Maybe if he was here it would make this whole thing easier. I don’t want to go without saying my goodbyes.”

Elesin’s thoughts are jumping back and forth, and he becomes furious.

“Why me? Why must it be me? I guess the world works in mysterious ways, and I am the man who must complete this task. The world must go on… Will it go on if I don’t take my own life?”

Elesin questions himself with no answers to these questions…

“I will never know. I must have the will, I must have the strength, I must not be afraid to go to the great beyond. Maybe it’s better there. Maybe I will meet the sacrifices from the past, and we will discuss how we felt before taking our own lives. What if they feel indifferent? What if I tell them how I really felt and they ridicule me? No, I would need to hide the fact of how I feel now.”

These thoughts are driving Elesin crazy, and he needs to get a grip on his own reality. The truth at hand, that he must sacrifice himself. He is thinking of the endless outcomes, some that don’t even make sense.

“ I can’t let the people see through me… I must show I am willing to pass on to the great beyond, I must show that I am loyal to the king. That I will forever be loyal to the king. I’m sure this will put them at ease. I am ready.”

Elesin’s whole mindset changes as he stands up, and begins slowly walking back and forth. Although he continues to think in a whole new way.

“ I am out of that order of mind. I am ready, and it must be done. It will be beautiful, and it will please the crowd. I let my emotions mix with my mind, and I must not. I wonder what death will feel like, I wonder what the transition will be like. I’m sure I will feel at rest, and I’m sure the people will too.”

Elesin’s confidence grows and he knows what must be done. His mind is made up.

“Wait, I must be wearing something suitable for this occasion. I must look good upon leaving this earth, and going to the great beyond. I’m sure someone will help with this.”

Elesin stops walking back and forth slowly, and walks over to the mirror in his room.

“ Don’t let anyone stop you from taking your own life, and following the king into the great beyond. It will be beautiful. Now I must go enjoy myself for the remaining time I have left on this side.”

Elesin leaves his room, and heads off into society.He shows confidence, and continues to reassure everyone that he will be making his transition today.

Why is literature important?

I think literature is a gift to our society, and it allows writers and readers to jump between periods of time and still find relatability. It unlocks the freedom of expression, creating new stories and many more amazing qualities. Although what I’ve truly realized is that it opens up readers to learn more, and even opens the audience up to their own beliefs. Literature is life changing! Something I found amazing is that literature allows the people to learn about the past, and still be able to find similar aspects of life in today’s society. Such as the other day I was doing some research, and I learned much more about “Seppuku” which is an honorable method of suicide amongst the samurai’s. This has been prevalent throughout history such as in 1945 when Japan faced defeat at the end of World War II, many soldiers had done Seppuku. Taking their sword, and stabbing it through their stomach ultimately ending their own lives. Another time this had happened was in 1970 when Mishima Yukio committed suicide as means to protest against what he believed was the loss of traditional values in the country. I believe ritualistic suicide continues to happen throughout society today, even if we don’t get to hear about it. Literature is very important because it lets us, the readers learn about the past, as well as the present. Reader’s are able to see similarities between society back then and today’s society. Literature is inevitable, and I’m very glad it is that way!

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