Deciding which one of my projects is my favorite.

I loved both of the projects I had to complete so much this semester! It was so much fun engaging in two completely different forms of art and obtaining new experiences because of it. Doing an audio recording of Franny Choi’s poem “The world keeps on ending, and the world goes on” and doing an analytical analysis of it was so interesting. I got the opportunity to make my own theories and analyze what she meant in her poetry while at the same time attempt to read out loud and test my recording abilities. I also had loads of fun creating my homemade Japanese Noh-mask. Creating my own mold of my face and painting together a mask was such a fun and educational experience. I will always keep that mask as a reminder to try new things! If I had to pick which project I preferred out of those two, I suppose it would have to be making my Noh- mask. Making the mask and learning about Japanese theater costume design was so incredible. This entire class has been an incredible learning experience!

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