My Favorite Project

My favorite project I created this semester was my second project where I did an unessay, a Kahoot about our Sailing East texts. I incorporated all three texts (Shakuntala, The Tale of Kieu, The Love Suicides at Amijima), and brought them all together at the end. My first project is what I normally do and feel comfortable with: an essay, on Death and the King’s Horseman. But this time I wanted to do something different to express my creativity. It was challenging doing something different, but I’m glad I chose to do an unessay for a change. This project gave me a chance to show the same analysis I would in an essay, but in a more creative and fun way. It also let me talk about three texts and how they share similarities, and to not just focus on one singular text. I liked that because it felt like, since this was an end of semester project, I was bringing together everything from this half of the semester and analyzing it as a whole. Although I enjoyed both projects, I loved the creativity that this unessay allowed me.

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