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  1. One of my favorite projects someone else did this semester was Erik’s Noh-Mask. I really enjoyed his take on the unessay assignment. While reading Chikamatsu this semester, like Erik, I was intrigued by Japanese theater and interested to learn more about how it is performed compared to the theater I am familiar with. I also applaud his ingenuity in creating the mask with paper mache and tinfoil, I don’t think mine would come out as good. I also applaud his creativity in executing the unessay project. Researching and creating a costume is such a fun way to connect the texts we’ve read to something you enjoy. I talked about this in my own post but one of my favorite parts about doing my unessay project from a more artistic standpoint was that I felt more motivated to do it. I think the same would apply here. It seems fun to create a mask and makes you want to learn more and make connections. This was a really cool project!
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