Habits of Mind Reflection

Over the course of the semester I think the majority of the PSU Habits of Mind have been reworked and developed. The only skill where I feel I might’ve lacked a bit was Self-Regulated Learning. Although I think I did develop the skill a little more this semester I struggled to be on top of things and wish I was a little more introspective about my process when it comes to completing work. I do wish I had set some goals for myself at the beginning of the semester, it may have helped me stay on track a bit but I think I got there eventually. I think the PSU Habits of Mind is a great starting point to readjust one’s attitude and prepare someone entering college for what’s ahead and what to expect from the courses you might take. I think of everything on the list “integrated perspective” is one of the more important ones. It’s important to understand how and why your thought processes occur and what has led up to you making those decisions. I think those shared experiences and ideas are what brings us together. In regard to this course, since it’s so heavily discussion based I think integrating perspectives is something we worked on everyday. Through close readings of our texts we are able to form opinions based on what we see and have seen in the past, when we all share and collaborate . 

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