The Dew Breaker (2/22) Question

This week, we read three more stories from The Dew Breaker, called The Bridal Seamstress, Monkey Tails, and The Funeral Singer. I really enjoyed the story, The Bridal Seamstress a lot. In this story, a journalist named Aline was tasked with interviewing a retiring bridal seamstress, Beatrice Saint Fort. Aline is at first, questioning if she should be interviewing her, but later becomes more interested when Beatrice shows her around her neighborhood. She tells her about one of her neighbors, a Haitian prison guard. She reveals that he has followed her every time she moves, and hopes her retirement will let her get away from him.

This is another example of characters from previous stories showing up again as a way to tell the reader that all of the stories intertwine in some way. In this story, it is suggested that her neighbor is Ka’s father. When Aline gets to know Beatrice a little more, as the interview goes on, they start to get along more. My question to do with this reading is, is the thing that connects all of these stories going to be Ka’s father? So far, he’s had the most connections with other characters, with Dany, Beatrice, etc. I am wondering if what ties all of these single stories together is going to be him.

“This man, wherever I rent or buy a house in this city, I find him living on my street”

(Danticat, 132)
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