Translating Form: ‘Finals’ Post 5/5

Picking from the two, my most recent project, Objection! and Objectification, is my favorite! I’m new to poetry, only recently being exposed to the art a few semesters ago. Nevertheless, I’ve become fairly enthralled by the medium at large – with these unessay projects being a great opportunity to hone my own poetic creativity.

This project, I feel, has shown my personal improvement in writing and, hopefully, a deeper understanding of the ‘classic’ literature we read. All while pinning the challenge of translating different poetic languages and expressing critiques on those very classics. Ultimately, I gained a new avenue of expressing how my own tornado of brain thinks. And with all of our talks on ableism and the sort, I feel that that new expression is incredibly valuable!

Too Clean to See

Oh magistrate, how spick

And span thine awful brick do sist.

For noble poise, a twist

Of fate be pled by wrist and heart.

A harlot’s knack is art.

In spite the cangues dispart, a shock

May infiltrate high flock,

As one’s splendor, bemock for grime,

Is brilliant in time.

Talents withheld by crime of view,

Must we deserve the few?

Grand empathic virtue implores

You pardon this amour,

None further shall endure, no more, no more.

Lục bát formula:

•           ♭          •           ♯          •           ♭A                  

•           ♭          •           ♯          •           ♭A       •           ♭B

•           ♭          •           ♯          •           ♭B

•           ♭          •           ♯          •           ♭B        •           ♭C

•           ♭          •           ♯          •           ♭C

•           ♭          •           ♯          •           ♭C        •           ♭D

• = any syllable; ♭ = Flat (bằng) syllable; ♯ = Sharp (trắc) syllable; ♭A = Flat syllable with “A” rhyme.

Objection! and Objectification , Lục bát
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