Who do we feel sorry for?

I didn’t care about Jihei and Koharu (I kind of felt sad for her only because this all seemed to be Jiheis idea).The only thing that struck me about the ending is how the world they left behind will be affected. Maybe we aren’t supposed to care about Jihei and Koharu; but instead how Jihei’s brother will feel, or Koharu’s mother and O San and their children. Maybe they were the focus by shifting all the light on the two suicide lovers, but then letting the ending sink into the readers skin a bit. In that case, I think this really sheds light on how evil suicide is.

It reveals poisonous ideals and actions we think society views as noble due to the reputations built up through history in a culture, religion, society. For example the ideology that it is noble for young people to go fight and die for their country. In some situations yes this can be the ultimate act of heroism (WWII, Ukraine). But ultimately war is people throwing their lives away.

I think the samurai said it best in the beginning to Koharu, asking her if she knows what it does to the people you leave behind.

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