Project 2 — Sailing East Kahoot

For this project, I created a Kahoot that incorporated the three texts we have read in the Sailing East portion of this semester (Shakuntala, The Tale of Kieu, The Love Suicides at Amijima) because I knew I wanted to do something creative and different than what I normally do for a change. For project 1, I wrote the traditional essay, so I thought doing one of each would be a good way to try both. I also thought doing something different would be a bit of a challenge, and that I should drift away from the safe option of an essay, and I’m glad I did. Creating this Kahoot, although sometimes challenging, was really fun. I really loved that I was able to show more of my creativity here than I usually could in an essay.

I split the Kahoot into three sections, one for trivia, one for themes, and one to tie all three texts together. The trivia section was to refresh the memory of the person taking the Kahoot before getting into the other sections of the quiz. The next section looks at the themes of each text for the purpose of getting into the analysis of each. For this part, I included a quote, and included some options of literary themes, and asked which one(s) fit the quote the best. For the last section, I brought it all together and asked “what do all three of these texts have in common?”. I liked that I formatted this Kahoot like this because, especially since this is an end of semester project, I felt like it brought together everything we’ve learned from these texts. I also, while reading, felt that these three texts were all really similar, so to put it into a Kahoot and see it and analyze their quotes and themes, really let me see how similar they all are to each other. The most noticeable similarity between these three texts, to me, was their endings. They all didn’t have overly happy endings. Sure, they ended up with love, but there was always something that didn’t make it a 100% happy ending. In Shakuntala, she reunites with the King, but as a reader, you don’t really know how to feel about the King and if he should be forgiven. In The Tale of Kieu, she kind of feels forced to marry. Lastly, in in Love Suicides at Amijima, Koharu and Jihei end up together in the afterlife, but only because they feel forced to escape. Making this Kahoot really helped me see how similar, not just the endings are, but the whole texts.

All in all this project was really fun, and it was nice to do something different than an essay, and be creative. I did end up using some of the same concepts I would use in an essay here, like background, themes, textual evidence, etc, just in a different format. I think the Kahoot turned out well. I really liked that I added some images and separated the different sections. The only thing I’m not sure about is the length. I think if I could do this again or change anything, I would make the trivia section for each text five questions instead of ten questions because that made the Kahoot really long. The whole thing is around forty questions, which may be a lot. I’m really glad I chose to do something to really express my creativity and dive deeper into each of these texts and their similarities and themes. Despite the challenge, this project was really fun, and I’m glad I chose to do an unessay for a change.

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