Nikole Hannah-Jones Interview

While listening to Nikole Hannah-Jones’s interview I found two things interesting. One of those things is that she’s a woman. Usually, when you hear things about history it’s men explaining the events that occurred, it’s very rare for women to be studying history. In today’s world more women are branching out into job fields that are more known for most men to be in and seeing Nikole Hannah-Jones doing this interview can inspire other women to branch out also. The other interesting thing to me is the project of 1619. It surprised me that before the Mayflower came to the United States there was another ship that we were never taught about in school. This English privateer ship was called the “White Lion” and it brought the first African slaves to Point Comfort in a colony in Virginia. In a way, I’m surprised that we were never taught about this in school but in other ways, I’m not. While growing up and being in college I’ve realized that in history classes we were never taught all the events that they know. They keep things hidden from us in a way because they teach us the bigger and more known things on the timeline. They do this because we’ll talk about it more as we get older and it will be brought up more than the little things that have happened in history. Even little things cause change though and we should have been taught them. To me the “White Lion” is not a very “little” thing, it was one of the first ships to bring African slaves over to America and we should have been taught this event earlier on in history classes before we were taught about the Mayflower. Even though they are both equally important to U.S history.  

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  1. When I saw that a Trevor Noah interview was put on the syllabus I was so happy because I love the Daily Show/ Daily Social Distancing Show! I learned about the 1619 project through watching Trevor interview Nikole and some other wonderful women as well. I too felt surprised learning about “the white lion” ship, and then my surprise turned to sadness. I think that if middle schoolers are allowed to learn about the horrors of the Holocaust than they should also be taught about the “white lion” ship and other important events in the history of slavery. More people need to learn this info.

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