Act 3

Well, somber ending. I looked up the author, and the play of course. It was originally made for puppet theater. Explain some things, I will say that. I am glad a live action, Kabuki style play of it was made after the puppet version, because my god I can not take puppets killing themselves out of grief and failure seriously. I discussed this earlier, and honestly I still feel the same, but damn do I feel bad for the two. It is just a depressing way to go, puppet or not. I imagine the live action version is a lot more heart felt. I keep talking g about not taking puppet theater all that seriously, but I do, I just find it silly. Its like, there is this Japanese crime drama game series called Yakuza I recently got into, and the main story, besides from some overacting at times, is very serious and compelling, I got into it, I loved all the twists and turns. But then you get into the side content, and suddenly you are racing slot cars, doing karaoke, and just doing overtly weird shit like buying a kid an adult magazine, or helping a boy band become street tough. Like where the hell did that come from? But that silliness factor, it helps with the overall enjoyment and appreciation of what the creators, be they writers or game makers, are trying to do. Basically, the reason I enjoy Japanese entertainment so much is because its often very silly, then it just HITS you with the hard hitting emotional stuff, suddenly boom, you are there, you realize how much you cared all along. It was sort of like Romeo and Juliet in the end wasn’t it? going back to the story, after that tangent. Lovers taking their own lives, classic tragedy, puppet or not. I enjoyed it overall and am looking forward to the project. I kinda wanna talk about probably the biggest contribution to popular culture from Japan. No, not anime. 

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  1. I was thinking about that too. when I was reading Chikamatsu, I was imagining it playing out in my head as if it were happening with real people. I totally forgot it was meant to be played by puppets. I feel like that totally changes the tone of the play. Like you said, I also take every art form seriously but I feel like the puppets were an interesting choice for the subject.

  2. I was love to consider myself a purist of sorts. I always try to observe something the way it was meant to be consumed. For example when I go to a restaurant and try a fancy burger or what have you, I dislike putting any form of condiment on it just cause that’s not the way the chef attended it to be eaten cause if it was, they would’ve put it on their themselves. When this is originally meant for puppet theater, it should be enjoyed as puppet theater, keep in mind this is a very popular form of Japanese art

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