Acts 1-2

I love Japanese, well culture in general honestly. The media, the customs, it’s all great. That said, this is the first sort of play, novel type thing I have read of Japanese origin. Like it so far, samurai stories of any kind are pretty good. That said O-San´s dad seems like kinda a dick, thinking he knows best. Something I have noticed about Japanese media, it can get kinda silly at times when it’s trying to be dramatic. Like the scene where her father is searching through her room for clothes. Just the way it reads, kinda like an overly dramatic soap opera reveal. It’s great. I love it. I also like all the little notes explaining certain words and actions. Adds to the tone of the time it’s set in. 

Looking up that this was originally puppet theater, my god, I, I can not take it seriously as a dramatic piece anymore. Not for lack of trying on the writer´s part mind you. I have just seen too many damn Muppet related things. Sure the Muppets get serious, but the issue here is I am not seeing the puppets get serious, and when I visualize it in my head, its-its just funny. However, with other things I have noticed I tend to get into it more if I find it a tad silly, So I am rooting for O-San and her husband, but considering the title of this, I doubt it will end well.

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  1. I both love and hate this post at the same time. I love how you were able to accurately explain why you find the puppet portion silly, but I know hat that you put the image of Kermit sneaking of to be with the proustite Miss Piggy. In all seriousness, if its done well, you wouldn’t even notice the puppets. In my head I’m comparing it to The Lion King on Broadway, where a majority of the cast is playing a puppet form of an animal and it is breath taking. Guess we’ll never know unless we see it.

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