Joy Harjo

Joy Harjo seems to have a cynical love of America and freedom in general. I read Ah Ah, An American Sunrise, and Turning 70. Loved Ah Ah, the crow metaphors really hit home. American Sunrise I liked as well because that is where the cynical things come into play. ¨We are still America. We know the rumors of our demise. We spit them out. They die

Soon.¨ I love that, it is rebellious, it is inspiring, no matter who you are. I admire Harjo´s spirit, I truly do.  I have never really liked poetry, this is true. I could never really tell one why, the rhyming? Maybe It was me, I just hated rhyming. I still do, took a poetry class this semester, oh god was rhyme zone my friend this term. Anyway, I did not enjoy writing poetry, but did I enjoy reading it? Eh. I liked Dr.Seuss, I liked the odd poem here and there. I loved these poems, because I related heavily to the spirt they were trying to convey. Freedom man, it all comes back to freedom. If there are one people on this Earth who deserve freedom, well ok all people do but you know what I mean, it is the Native American people. The colonists did some god awful shit to them. That is why these poems are so good to me, I agree with their spirit.

¨Ah, ah calls the sun from a fishing boat with a pale, yellow sail. We fly by
on our return, over the net of eternity thrown out for stars.¨ This line from Ah, Ah, love it. It sets a peaceful, return to tradition type tone. I agree wit that, peaceful times are what we all need right now. I can not stress how much I love these writings, honestly they are really great. If you have not read them, go do it now.

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  1. It’s certainly and interesting life being an American. There’s a lot of problems with our country but it’s where we live. I find that it’s important to think of it more as a land of opportunity where we can make change to improve the country rather than only as place with problems.

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