Live, Love, Die

Reading what everyone else had to say about romance suicide got me thinking more about the genre as a whole and how important it is. I know suicide is really off putting for most people but to me, death is an important part of life and suicide is a really interesting subsection of it. Suicide is something that we default back to when everything else has failed and we’re in too much pain to try any longer. In that way, it is always tragic. However the fact that we don’t know what comes after death makes it more complicated. I choose to believe that there must be something after and maybe out of necessity, I don’t fear it. Because of that, there’s something sort of romantic about the decision. Of course it’s still awful and death is such a final solution but in the realm of romance and love, it almost feels… less. I mean love itself, once you’ve found it is incredibly powerful. Love can change your entire life and while you aren’t actually dying when you fall in love, you can totally leave behind the life you knew before it came around. Your being reborn into a new you in a similar way to suicide. It’s a choice you’ve made to remove yourself from the life you used to know. And in the end, when you’ve had your love by your side for years and years, losing them feels like suicide too. I recently lost my Papi and while attending the funeral and being with his widow, my Omma, I couldn’t help but to think about the silence. The immense loneliness and emptiness that you must feel when that happens. Being towards the end of your life and you lose that partner. He was old and it wasn’t sudden and so I didn’t cry for his death but I cried for hers. I can’t imagine what that feels like. It’s the greatest pain that I think I’ve ever witnessed. And I didn’t see her shed a tear.

2 thoughts on “Live, Love, Die

  1. First off, sorry for your loss. Secondly I agree, some pains one can not understand, and can only empathize with. Sad times, all around.

  2. I do believe on your stance of death and suicide. Both of these topics are normally all hush hush and borderline taboo, but death is something that happens to everyone. It is up to use to make the best out of our life. When we believe we cant do that anymore for whatever reason that may be, that’s when suicide comes into the picture. I loved your analogy of love and suicide and it defiantly is making me think

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