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It was disturbing and frankley eye opening to see these names and crimes hidden about Black women. I had no idea it was such a rampant problem, and honestly it’s even more relevant now because of the Brianna Taylor fiasco. It is almost like the media favors tragedies that are more trendy and well sell more clicks, and that implies they think people do not care if a black woman dies. The police in general in this country need to get there shit together and just like, not be racist fucks in general. Horrible, horrible things. I still have no idea why these things still happen this day and age, is it systematic hatred and bigotry, is it truly that engrained in the system, making it harder and harder for us to get out of this hole of hatred? I would like to think America has made a lot of progress, that we are not and never will be the same people we were only a hundred years ago. Course, recent events tell me otherwise, they show me otherwise. So I do not know how to tackle this issue, I think we should, as a society. Some serious reforms are needed, this much is true. Where should they start though is the real question, do we do straight to the police or do we actually go a step further, cut some military budget. Maybe give back a couple trillion to the public school system, we get more educated as a society, then we go back to the police problem. Maybe that is the real issue, lack of common sense and and over abundance of ignorance. Fix the public school system, maybe that Problem goes away. Who knows.

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  1. I agree that there’s a lot of gross stuff going on in the wake of the civil rights protests. I saw someone selling jewelry made out of broken glass from the riots that were named after black people that were killed by police… I can’t believe how tone deaf some people can be, profiting off people’s deaths like that. it’s terrible how tragedies turn into commodities to be exploited for profit, and how quickly it happens :^( Gruesome stuff.

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