I have read several Punisher and Nick Fury comics, as well as seen the classic Vietnam was bad movies. First off I think it is interesting to note that the comics I read, the Fury ones in particular, did show the other side of Vietnam, and how they operated. They didn’t go too into it, because it’s a comic about American hero Nick Fury, but the parts that went into it a little showed how much pain the country was, and still is in quite frankly. I remember Fury meeting this enemy general years after the war and they both had so much regret. It’s a hard read.  So I was already sympathetic to the Vietnamese people before the Ken Burns stuff, and the poems. Vietnam was a war of spite, fought by two sides and the only people who truly suffered and lost were the Vietnamese people. It’s all truly disgusting. Actually I take the first statement back, a lot of what I know comes from Call Of Duty Black Ops and Full Metal Jacket. Yes I know, honestly all pretty biased sources. At first glance anyway. Black Ops takes the side that Soviets and Americans kinda screwed around with other people for their own gain, and that, hey that is pretty wrong. Yes you end up ruthlessly gunning down a lotta Vietnamese but like, its not really viewed as a good thing. The main character gets brain washed, in Full Metal Jacket Joker gets desentizted by violence and becomes a killer, these aren´t good things. I do not think I have ever seen a piece of media that claimed otherwise. Though this Ken Burns thing is the first thing I have seen that states how much the people suffered, not just the American G.Is. The cold war was awful, no one is disputing that, its arguably the bloodiest war never fought. It was avoidable, I think. Just put the two ideologies aside and leave each other, and the world, alone. But then thats people, if there is power to be had, they will go for it, regardless of who steps in the way.

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  1. One point in the article he says, “And though the Vietnam War, in hindsight, is considered a loss for Americans, through the lens of kill ratios, it is almost certainly a win: 58,000 American soldiers were killed. There is a wide range of estimates as to how many North, South, and civilian Vietnamese were killed, but the conservative one suggests 1.1 million, though experts generally lean on the higher figure: 3.2 million. Less a war, more of an atrocity.” The blow to the Vietnamese was extremely more detrimental compared to the Americans, it just shows us how perspectives change the way things are told.

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