Weekly Questions- The Dew Breaker: The Bridal Seamstress

Does the guard actually live in the empty house next to Beatrice?

            During the reading, I believed Beatrice when she was telling Aline that there was a guard that lived in the house next door to her who was abusive to her back in Haiti.  At one point, Aline questions Beatrice wondering if it is actually the same man that was in Haiti that is now her neighbor.  She finds it somewhat hard to believe that the same man would follow her all the way to her new house and live right next door to her.  When she questions her, Beatrice responds by saying she would “know him anywhere”, which doesn’t seem like very concrete evidence.

            At the end of this story, Aline goes over to the house that Beatrice says the man lives in, and she notices through the windows that the house looks completely empty.  Someone then confronts her asking if she is looking for Dolly, who was the last person who lived in the house, and that she has been trying to sell it for a long time.  When Aline tells Beatrice this, Beatrice explains that she thinks the man lives in empty houses, hiding, so that he does not get arrested and sent to prison himself.  This reminded me of The Book of the Dead, how Papa was in a prison, and he ended up becoming violent towards others.  This made me wonder if the stories were connected at all. 

            I began to wonder if there was actually the guard living next to Beatrice in the empty house, of if that was just a figment of her imagination.  I think that it is probably just part of Beatrice’s imagination, because it doesn’t seem possible that there could be a man living in an empty house next to her, following her to wherever she moves to.

Does Aline believe Beatrice when she tells her that the guard lives in the empty house?

            I think that Aline seems like she believes Beatrice when she says that the guard lives in the empty house.  I think she may be somewhat skeptical of her, but I think that her being young and naïve makes her believe Beatrice, and I think she is intrigued by Beatrice because she hasn’t met many people like her before, and she says that she wants to write about more people like Beatrice.

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  1. I agree with you, a guard following her around seems implausible. It makes sense its some kinda extension, like how shes always on GUARD, around town and what not.

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