Weekly reflection

For this week’s weekly reflection, I decided to reflect on my second major project that I turned in this past week. For my second project, I created an interactive game where players can create their own ending based on Kalidasa’s Shakuntala. I at first had some difficulties getting the website I used to create the game to work for me because I was new to it and had never used a website like that before till now. I think my end product came out very well in the end though. If I could go back to when before I had handed in the final piece I think I would only edit a couple of things about my game. One being the alternative endings. Mine I think now are kind of a little boring and short ended. I think that I could rework those and come up with some really cool, creative alternate endings for players to end up with. Maybe like something like Shakuntala’s son went off to find the king or maybe she met another man and had another child but this time a daughter, I don’t know just something different than the usual! Other than that, though I enjoyed working on my second major project very much!

2 thoughts on “Weekly reflection

  1. Hey! I thought your 2nd project was a creative idea, and always enjoy seeing what other people did for their own. I think letting other people create their own ending to the reading is so cool, and lets them actually be interactive on their own! I also liked how you included what you could’ve improved on in your project, just to see how you reflected on your own work. Nice job!

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