Well, That Was Weird (Breasts and Eggs)

Before I begin with my brief analysis of this text, I want to first explain why I chose writing about it. I chose this article over our main reading due to the fact that I’m super behind on my blog posts and everyone’s already discussed the love suicides’. I am happy however that I decided to pick this however, and I pleasantly surprised how comical it was. To those of you who may not have read the piece, a piece of fiction was translated from Japanese to English, however the author decided to write it the way that she hears the voices of these characters. After seeing many similarities between her life and the main characters, she could only hear the characters speak like they were from the UK. What follows, is a funny account of two Japanese women who were discussing breast implants at a traditional bath house, using typical English slang and you cant help but imagine them with the accent to go along with it. They are as the author puts it, two woman gossiping at the public pool, so they might as well be talking about it. It defiantly is worth the read if you want a chuckle.

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