Do you think that Koharu wanted to be in the love suicide?

I wrote in my reflection that I am not entirely convinced that she was all in on the love suicide. There are little things that she does that make me think that. Things like her final words and she wanted to keep walking in the woods for the reason of stalling I believe. I would answer that she did not want to go through with it but she felt trapped now because either she kills herself with Jihei or go back to the brothel and be used a sex servant.

Do you think Jihei wanted to be in the love suicide?

This one I am more on the fence about because it was his idea and he literally sold his children’s clothes and divorced his wife for her. However, he also doesn’t have a way out of his situation. He is a failure to his family, reputation has been ruined, and his business is failing. He is also trapped in a hard place where suicide may seem like the only option to him.

3 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I personally really liked both questions that you asked. You wonder if either of them actually wanted to take part in a love suicide, and I find myself asking the same thing. I get the sense that she was stalling because she didn’t know for sure if she wanted to go through with it. But at the same time it was an escape from the life she would have to go back to, either way I feel like she didn’t like either of her options and I guess the love suicide was the easier of the two. Now for him, I think the same. He had ruined his life over his love for her, being with her is what he wanted and if they didn’t commit suicide together then they wouldn’t be together at all. I guess this whole love suicide thing is supposed to stand for something beautiful, but I can’t help but look at it as disturbing.

  2. I asked myself the same thing when it came to the love suicide whether or not Koharu wanted to be in on the love suicide one hundred present when it came down to it. I like your idea about how you think maybe she felt like she had too when it came down to it. There seems to be lots and lots of pressure behind something like that. I never thought to think that maybe she felt trapped and had no way out of it. There could be a chance that she felt as if she had no choice at that point anymore whatsoever.

  3. I have to disagree with the though that Kaharu didn’t want to participate in the love suicide, due to one part of the story. Jiheri apologized for making her do something so horrible as killing herself, and she responds I’m not doing this for you, I am also doing it for me. Regardless of the overall reasoning behind it, she’s in. There is also the idea of Jiheri regaining some honor when he kills himself, cause to the Japanese ritual suicide is very honorable.

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