Sailing West

Weeks 2-7 of Class

Week 2

Monday, August 31: Equiano, ch. 1-4 (roughly the first third of the book); Nikole Hannah-Jones’s 1619 episode 1. [CN: colonialism, graphic violence, racism, slavery]

Wednesday, September 2: Equiano, ch. 5-8 (roughly the middle third of the book); Shakespeare’s The Tempest 2.2. [CN: ableism, colonialism, racism]

Week 3

Sunday, September 6: optional Zoom reading of Soyinka, 7:00-10:00 PM, TBA.

Monday, September 7: Equiano, ch. 9-12 (roughly the last third of the book).

Wednesday, September 9: Soyinka, acts 1-2; Ruth Wilson’s “After Empire: Chinua Achebe and the great African novel.” [CN: colonialism, racism, rape, sexual coercion, suicide]

Week 4

Monday, September 14: Soyinka, acts 3-4; Wheatley (all poems).

Wednesday, September 16: Soyinka, act 5; Walcott’s Omeros (selection).

Week 5

Monday-Wednesday, September 21-23: No synchronous class meetings! Instead, book and attend a one-on-one Teams Conferences and a group Peer Review for our First Projects.

First Projects due by the end of the day on Sunday, September 27.

Week 6

Monday, September 28: Danticat, 3-86; Crenshaw’s TED talk “The Urgency of Intersectionality.” [CN: graphic violence, misogyny, police brutality, racism, torture]

Wednesday, September 30: Danticat, 87-164; Rodriguez’s “undocumented black boy.” [CN: deportation]

Week 7

Monday, October 5: Danticat, 165-242; Joy Harjo (selections).

Wednesday, October 7: reading for Sailing East!