Sailing West

Weeks 1-7 of Class

Week 1

Tuesday, August 31: Syllabus review and class introductions. No Questions or Reflections due this week.

Thursday, September 2: Franny Choi, “The World Keeps on Ending, and the World Goes On“; Shakespeare’s The Tempest 2.2. [Content Notice (hereafter CN): ableism, colonialism, racism]

Week 2

Tuesday, September 7: Equiano, ch. 1-2 [CN: graphic violence]; Nikole Hannah-Jones’s 1619 episode 1. [CN: colonialism, graphic violence, racism, slavery]

Thursday, September 9: Equiano, ch. 11-12; Wheatley (all poems).; watch Nikole Hannah-Jones interview with Trevor Noah, Feb 2020.

Group work for Sep 9:

Week 3

Tuesday, September 14: Soyinka, acts 1-2; Ruth Wilson’s “After Empire: Chinua Achebe and the great African novel.” [CN: colonialism, racism, rape, sexual coercion, suicide]

Group work for Soyinka acts 1-2:

Thursday, September 16: Soyinka, acts 3-4; Walcott’s Omeros (selection).

Week 4

Tuesday, September 21: Soyinka, act 5; Travis Chi Wing Lau, “On Virality, Corona or Otherwise.”

Looking for ideas for your First Project? Check out these sample Unessays from last fall on the Ellen Reeder, PSU English’s program blog:

Thursday, September 23: No class! Instead, there will be two evening events featuring Dr. Travis Chi Wing Lau, a poetry reading (7:00 PM Sep 23 at Frost House) and a public lecture (7:00 Sep 24 at the Silver Center). Questions and Reflections may be posted on one of these events as your Week 4 assignment.

Details can be found at the English program’s blog, The Ellen Reeder.

Week 5

Tuesday-Thursday, September 28-30: No synchronous class meetings! Instead, book and attend a one-on-one Teams Conferences and a small group Peer Review for our First Projects. No Questions or Reflections are due this week.

First Projects due by the end of the day on Friday, October 1 (11:59 pm).

Week 6

Tuesday, October 5: Danticat, 3-68; Crenshaw’s TED talk “The Urgency of Intersectionality.” [CN: graphic violence, misogyny, police brutality, racism, torture]

Thursday, October 7: Danticat, 69-120; Rodriguez’s “undocumented black boy.” [CN: deportation]; watch video recording of Rodriguez performing “undocumented black boy.”

Week 7

Tuesday, October 12: Danticat, 121-181; Joy Harjo (selections).

Thursday, October 14: Danticat, 183-242; Dawnland Voices (selections)