Project 1- Equiano

For my first project, I decided to take a different route with an Unessay and create a game. Kahoot is an easy platform that makes learning fun and engaging. In my Kahoot, I talk about the Life of Equiano. The hardships that he faced and had to witness. I think that the questions that I used within my Kahoot are not extremely difficult for a college-level literature class; however, I think that it is important to get a good foundation leveled out to allow the reader to refresh back on the key themes and events in the text. For example, I overlay one question, I ask “What theme is NOT in the text”. I think it’s important to examine themes within a text because if you have to write a paper on the text you can refer back to key themes and find textual evidence to defend your point within the paper. In my Kahoot, I also add humor, I think that it’s important to educate yourself in a fun way like Kahoot in order to not feel bogged down in pages upon pages of reading. Overall, the Life of Equiano was not an easy one, he faced many obstacles and found faith in his journey resulting in him keeping the faith. Equiano withness many acts of hatred and anger, he used this frustration to get him closer to God. Lastly, I think that my Kahoot will engage students and overall help them learn and refresh their memories about the Life of Equiano.

One question asked in my Kahoot is, “What themes is not presented”. The answer to this question is nationalism, nationalism is not a theme in this text. However, I think that the importance of the others listed is. Firstly, we can look at the theme of God’s Will. Equiano always relates his life back to God’s Will, for example, Equiano begins to learn Christianity from MIss Guerins in England, at this moment he first begins to become intrigued but also ambivalent. Along the way of this life he slowly begins to incorporate God’s systems in his life, for example, when Pascal betrays him and sells him, Equiano’s first thought Is that god is punishing him for his sins, and not blame him, Pascal.

For the question of, “Where did they return after battle” (England). I think that the meaning of this question for me connects back to my first analysis. Upon Equiano’s return this is where he starts really transitioning into the life of christianity. It is at this point in the reading’s where he starts to intermingle a new beginning of life and hope through God.  Equiano reflects at one point that, whether he ends up being freed or remaining in captivity, his entire life is a question of God’s will.. either way, it’s nothing that his own desire can change. 

The final question of, “ Who was Equiano kidnapped with”. I think that the relationship between Equiano and his sister is a strong one and that why I decided that this portion my Kahoot should refresh back on that relationship. When they both become kidnapped, Equiano is 11 years old. Putting yourself in those shoes at 11 years alone would have been unimaginably terrifying. Yet, he and his sister protect each other for as long as they can until they are separated. “The next day proved a day of greater sorrow than I had yet experienced; for my sister and I were then separated, while we lay clasped in each other’s arms. It was in vain that we besought them not to part us; she was torn from me, and immediately carried away.” In this moment you can see Equinao discussing the events that played out, and how he was eventually torn from her. The act of laying clasped in each-others arms bring and intense emotional aspect that we had not seen from Equiano until reading chapter 2.

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  1. After going over the quiz, I think you did a really great job! I like this concept because it gives people an opportunity to participate in the reading. This also gives people an opportunity to be engaged with the text and gets the juices flowing in the heat of competition. Amazing job!

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