Project 1 – Yeah I Know

This is a journal entry of Olaudah Equiano. Found many years after his death Hidden in his birth town of Eboe. Although the date is unclear, we can assume given his autobiography that it was written sometime before he was captured for slavery.  
Dear Journal, 
My father says that I should start writing in in a journal because he believes that I may have an aptitude for the written word. I am something of a poet in our small village of Essaka but then again so is everybody. With a village full of storytellers, dancers, poets, and great speakers I fear my talents will not live up to those of my elders. Yet to appease my father who of course is the chief I will write as much as I please to my heart’s content. 
My day was like every day I woke up and went to the main area of our little village to see the neighbor woman that I have known for many years being killed because she was found with one of the men even though she is in all forms of the word betrothed. I remember she used to watch me and my siblings while my parents were away with the other elders. You see it is a crime to be unfaithful to your husband. Somehow the men are allowed to be unfaithful to their wives but that is custom, and customs must not be questioned. I always liked these events because since we are a community of dancers and performers there is always quite a fruitful gathering and show that could entertain even the sorriest of spirits. 
I got to see Latti today. I was just walking down by the river and although we all wear the same dazzling blue cloth her skin somehow made it that much more vibrant and beautiful. From the waters I could smell her perfumes and could see her practicing fighting styles since she is one of the best female warriors we have. I do plan to marry her one day and I am sure that father will make arrangements for such events to happen. She caught my attention ever since she saved me from a poisonous snake that I mistook for a non-venomous one. I am unsure if she meant to capture my heart but I am forever in debt it to her and soon hope to share my life. 
After I left the waters, or might I say after she left the waters and I felt no need to stay there any longer, I went into the heart of our little village I did some shopping and I decided to stop by the magician’s office to see if he had any anti-venom since it was the time of year that snakes come into our village in high volume. When it started to get dark out, I went back to my home where my mother and father sat waiting for me over a nice warm chicken, Indian corn, and some beans. Father talked on and on about how I soon will be getting the chief mark on my forehead and how I shall soon be finding a bride. He doesn’t know I have already picked. 
Tomorrow me and my sister are to keep watch of our village while the elders are away. I sometimes wonder why they don’t have some of our slaves Watch over the village. This is always so boring because almost nothing ever happens, but I take great honor in being able to watch over the village. I guess I must go to bed now since I will have to wake quite early in the morning. I leave myself with these words. “Understanding is not confined to feature or color” 

2 thoughts on “Project 1 – Yeah I Know

  1. I really like this project! I think it is a very interesting and creative take on this assignment. I like how you gave a little bit of an introduction as well, so we had some idea of when this journal entry would have been written. Would he have been a young boy writing this since it was written before he was captured for slavery, and it was found in his birth town?

  2. Interesting story so far, I kinda want more. Where does he go from here? How does he get captured? I was wondering, when you brought up the village slaves at the end what where you trying to convey there, some kinda foreshadowing?

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