Reflection on Project 2

When thinking about what I wanted to do a lot of things crossed my mind. I wanted to do another uneasy but my creativity seemed rather blocked since I did not know really what to do besides another game. I came across a lot of posts comparing The Love Suicide at Amijima and Romeo and Juliet. This makes a lot of sense since both are completely identical and seems rather simple to compare and talk about the two together. So my idea came right away after realizing that a lot of people used these two. I knew that nobody would try to use Hamlet since the stories do not line up as simply as it would have with Romeo and Juliet. I based my whole project of the presence of ambiguity and how it was used and why. If I did this using Romeo and Juliet a lot of the scenes and ideas would have directly correlated versus actually having to come up with a connection yourself. I also briefly dove into the similar structures in the two. Both authors use questions in the dialogue as a powerful characterization tool which leads to us being able to see the characters indecisiveness in both pieces. It was rather difficult to point out the connection in some instances but I would like to say I got more than my point across. I also thought it was interesting how both authors leave a lot of things unanswered. Especially in The Love Suicide at Amijima with questions like what will happen to Osan and the children? How will they recover their finances? Will the lovers go to Paradise and be reborn on the same lotus blossom? These all are questions that we may never know and just have to infer the answers of. The presence of Ambiguity in both of these was more profound than I thought going into this project.

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