Reflection Project 1

Now I know that this project is a long time coming and I am sure you guys have been asking yourself “where is Monique’s first major project?” Well here you are ladies and gentleman I present my first project. Projects as a whole can feel daunting and that has never been more apparent to me than for this project. I battled with myself on what to do for my first project. I wanted to do an essay arguing that Equiano and his masters relationship was more of a romantic type than a slave master one. I lost faith in that idea and moved on to the other ideas I had for the project. I finally decided to make a journal entry for Equiano that took place before he was captured.

I figured this would be an interesting time to write about from his perspective because the first chapter of his novel is describing the way of life in the village he was born into. I also wanted to play around with how he would write and feel that is different from how he wrote in the book. In the book he is less emotional and beaten down by his very hard life as a slave. in the entry that I wrote it is before he was captured so I imagined that he would have a more emotional and brighter writing style and he would let his feelings show through more. I took a lot of notes on the first chapter as to get all the details about his village. I wanted to make sure I was being as historically accurate to his experience as I could. I am happy with the finished product and glad I was able to get it to everyone to read. I have done three unessays and I feel better about the work I have produced then if I had to write three essays with half my heart in them. Thank you for everyone being so patient.

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