The Ending – Redone

Koharu sits in her room looking around at all the things that are hers but seem like a stranger’s belongings. The sun has just begun to say that there is a pink and orange fade across the sky. She looks up at it longingly hoping for someone to take her away. There is suddenly a knock on the door. 
Magoemon: Koharu why do you look so sad sitting looking at the beautiful sky reflecting in the tears in your eyes? What a gorgeous night to just lay and let the world melt away from your thoughts. I received your letter asking me to come see you. 
Koharu: Oh Magoemon! I had nowhere else to turn. Everyone I have come across wants me for something whether that be my body for money or for power. I need to admit something to you that I fear I should not be saying. 
Magoemon: What is it my dear? Your words will not fall on deaf ears. 
Koharu: I have been having feelings. Feelings I knew were there deep down but never wanted to admit. For all my life I have always felt hopeless or forgotten but when you came for me that night the words, I spoke to you were the first true words to leave my soul. 
Magoemon: Let your soul speak freely for these walls can only listen not speak. 
Koharu: I have realized what my life has truly been missing. I know my body is young, but it is only a vessel to me. The person I am inside is wise beyond her years and I crave to abandon my vessel and leave this place to finally find my mother. I know she is ill and poor, but she is the only person who never wanted something from me. 
Magoemon: Koharu your feelings and words speak to me. I will breath strength into you like fire. You must however I think of the mess made here. What about my brother? I know he is no honorable man, but he divorced and stole the clothes off his children’s back for you. He is a scoundrel, and I don’t believe his feelings for you are true. If you can recall that night, I came he treated you like vermin. You need to go and find your mother leave this place and leave that man. 
Koharu: Do you think he would ever allow me to leave? And how would I get away there would be so many people after me, so many people that I have not fulfilled debts to. 
Magoemon: I will help you escape in the night. I will find Jihei and tell him that you have gone for a better life. 
Koharu: If you do this for me, I promise I will come back in my next life as the sun to shine down upon you and your family. 
M is able to sneak Koharu out and to freedom in the night. He now ventures to the forest to end this once and for all. 
Jihei: As I sit here upon this rock, I think of the life I have left behind. Oh, how it was worth it! Koharu is the woman who will save me from my troubles. Our love begins and ends here. I will tell the elders how she looked past my dishonor for the love I could give. Her fair skin and beautiful eyes enchant me and take over any hardships that befall me. She has told me many times that she would like to come back as a Lotus flower and how she longs that we are pedals on the same flower. Our souls will mix, and we shall be the same pedal on the same flower forever. 
Jihei hears footsteps coming towards his secluded spot in the woods. He believes this to be Koharu and is alarmed when he sees a much bigger statured person drawing near. 
Jihei: Who is out there!? I may not be home to put my wits will get the best of you. 
Magoemon: Your wits never did get the best of me brother. 
Jihei sees a more familiar figure walking toward him. He can soon make out his brothers’ wide stance and strong body. Confused he waits for his brother to speak. 
Magoemon: I have come bearing news. Some thing I have no pleasure in but feel it’s only fair to tell. I have taken Koharu and helped her run away. She is gone and she has asked me not to tell you where. She has otherworldly duties to attend to. 
Jihei: You must be lying she would not leave me here in the forest waiting for our love suicide to commence. She would never do that we love each other despite the reputation. 
Magoemon: Brother keep your senses. She has gone and you will never see her again. She did however ask me to give you one last note. 
Jihei takes the piece of paper from his brothers’ hand on rolls it slowly and can see the delicate writings of his lover. He starts to read the letter slowly and as his eyes near the bottom of the page his face becomes white and his eyes have fire in them. 
Jihei: How could she do this to me I have been nothing but an honorable man to her. And all she can be is a dirty trickster. 
Magoemon: Brother I think in these last moments of life we shouldn’t lie to ourselves. You have never been an honorable man. Not to Koharu not even to your wife and children. You have always been a man who is life happened around him while he was out chasing other things. You wasted your life being a man no one can love. And since you have brought great dishonor to our family and to all those who meet you, I’m afraid I must help you go through with your love suicide alone. 
Before Jay can react, his brother pulls a samurai sword out of his belt in quickly kills his brother. The most honorable thing anybody has done in a while. The world lay quiet and life goes on. 

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  1. Wow, what a gripping piece. I really appreciated this dialogue, especially the ending. “The world lay quiet, and life goes on” line speaks to the complex, yet simplistic nature of this piece. The simplicity comes from the point A to point B direction, while the complexity comes from the dramatic subject matter. Nice job!

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